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LIVE TO EAT. Don't eat to live.
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Life is a miracle. Food is a blessing. We underestimate how lucky we are in life just to be able to breathe, eat and to live in our surrounding environments. We don’t appreciate the simple things in life enough, and I am also guilty of that. But hey, we all learn from our mistakes, and we take those experiences to improve ourselves and improve others around us. Life is like a video game, and we continue to level up and gain more experience as we get older.

So, the number one question strangers, friends and family always asks me is, “how do you do it!? How do you stay positive all the time and balance everything you do!?”

I personally even ask myself those questions, and I still don’t even know until this day!! What I do know is that I have a long-term vision, and I have a genuine passion in many aspects of life. I started with one passion for video games, and then I followed it to other doors that have opened up in my life.  Chase your dreams, take positive action, continue to move forward and everything else will eventually fall in place believe it or not.

The blog opened its lunchbox in 2008 and never focused specifically on food and travel at the beginning. As I started to travel more for work and distanced myself from friends and family, my photo-blogging became a life tracker for everyone to find out what I was doing (or more like eating, hehe) and where I was in the world.

Today, I have a whole new outlook on food and life. And I feel it is just the beginning of my life journey still and hope to share my experiences to you and the rest of the world. I appreciate each and every one of my fans and followers. Thank you for all your interest and support throughout the years and for years to come. I’m hungry. Are you? Stick around to see what’s in my lunchbox!

About Joey Ngoy

Joey Ngoy is an entrepreneur, food and travel blogger, start-up philanthropist and spends his spare time consulting in events, promotional and product marketing, businesses and motivational seminars.

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